Christmas Break Happenings

Hello there!

Today I’m finally heading back to my place in Durham. But only for about 24 hours! Tomorrow I leave for our class trip to DC. I’ll be there until Wednesday, then start classes on Thursday. I’m kind of in denial that class is about to happen again, but it’s my last semester (of classes–I have internships until December) so maybe I’ll have some extra motivation once it starts.

Anyway, I’ve been at home for the past THREE weeks! It has been such a wonderful break and I feel like it flew by. There was a lot of sitting on the couch cuddling the dogs, and a lot of Livi sitting on Bella (see above). Here’s what I was up to and some exciting things that happened.

I did some wedding planning

Wedding planning felt so much more manageable since there was no studying to be done or classes to go to! I feel like I got a lot done, but not much to show for it lol. I finished setting up all the hotel room blocks, booked hair and makeup, and worked on our website and save the date. We picked a rehearsal dinner location and got the ball rolling on that. My sister and I shopped for bridesmaids dresses-we didn’t end up picking one that day, but I figured out what style and color I like. So that’s something!

Another great shot from the fabulous Olivia Suriano

I cannot believe it is finally our wedding year! We still have a lot of things to do, but I feel really good now that most of the big stuff is out of the way.

I got a new cookbook

I’m kind of cheating here because I haven’t made anything from this cookbook yet (I got it for Christmas). But I have heard awesome things about it and her writing is hilarious. My goal is to make something from this cookbook every 2 weeks or so. I totally fall into the rut of making the same meals over and over, so this will be great to help me switch it up and learn to make some new things.

I read two books!

In the past few weeks I almost read as many book as I read in all of 2017. Which isn’t saying much at all. I read Something Borrowed and Something Blue, and now I’m working on What Alice Forgot and Body of Truth. Looks like it will be time for another book review soon!

I ate plenty of delicious food

Chip and I went to Raleigh for NYE and had to stop at our favorite biscuit place the next day. I totally blanked on my order and got cheddar cheese instead of American. It was good, but not as good as American cheese, which I quickly remembered is my usual order.

I enjoyed pestering my parents to eat with me during their lunch break. Pro tip: when your parents are buying, order multiple things because you might end up with leftovers and can stretch it into another meal.

Of course I had to go get my most favorite meal when I am home: jerk chicken pita and salad with all the ranch dressing. I really should see if that restaurant will give me a gallon of their ranch to take back with me.

I became a puppy aunt

Sarah Beth and Cody got an adorable puppy named Ruby a couple days after Christmas. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the cutest little nugget! She currently weighs about 2 pounds and alternates between 5 minutes of play time and 3 hour naps.

I met her the first day they got her, and then a few days later we went to visit them in Charlotte and took Livi so they could meet. Livi is much bigger (although still small at 7 pounds) and funny enough, Livi was scared of Ruby! Pretty soon they were playing and running around and it was very cute. They are going to be best buds for sure. On the first day that SB and Cody both went back to work, I eagerly volunteered to puppysit.

She’s currently pottying in this little box because she’s too little to go outside where other dogs go. Clearly she wasn’t having it here, but word on the street is that now she goes into the box by herself and does her thing! Go Ruby!

Ok, a cute puppy seems like a great place to end this post. I hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sarah koonce | 6th Jan 18

    Puppy mama and aunt. Happy. Happy. Love reading about your Christmas. Be safe on trip to DC. I pray for you

  2. Sarah koonce | 7th Jan 18

    I pray you have safe trip to DC

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