Another Semester Down!

Happy Wednesday!

I’ve been on Christmas break since 11am on Friday and I’m coming at you live from rainy western NC. I’m having a slow morning and sharing the couch with 3 sleepy dogs. Christmas music is blasting and coffee is flowing, so I figured it would be a great time to blog and share what I’ve been up to and reflect on this semester.

After my biochem exam on Friday, all the fun family times started. Chip drove up that afternoon and we went out to dinner to celebrate! Usually it takes a few days for it to sink in that the semester is over, but I felt immediate relief when I walked out of my last exam. I was beyond ready to be done!

We had a family Christmas gathering in the Raleigh area on Saturday, then we drove to Charlotte after that to stay with Sarah Beth and Cody (my sister + her husband). Sarah Beth’s birthday was on Sunday, so my parents came, too! We went out for pizza Saturday, then Cody cooked an epic brunch for us on her birthday.

After that, Chip and I went to the Panther’s game with one of his besties/groomsmen and his wife and had a great time. Monday morning I drove another hour west to my parents’ house and now I’m here for most of the next 3 weeks! I’m hoping to get some wedding planning, blogging, and reading done while I’m here.

I always like to reflect on the past semester and share about what becoming a Registered Dietitian is like. Time is flying and I enjoy reading back on these, too! I wrote this post after the spring semester, and it simultaneously feels like yesterday and five years ago that I wrote that.

3rd Semester Reflections

I thought last semester was hard, and it was, but this semester was on a whole other level. This semester we had our second biochemistry course and the final MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy) course. Last semester’s biochem was a whirlwind of all things metabolism-macronutrients and micronutrients. This semester’s focus was on macronutrients (fat, carbohydrate, protein) and next semester is on micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc).

So basically this semester was some of the same material, but wayyyyy more in depth. We learned a lot more about how metabolism of macronutrients in general, how this changes with certain disease states or diets, and even how nutrients influence the expression of certain genes. Although I found much of the information interesting, it was a lot and the course was very demanding. It was tough, but I do feel like I know a lot more about metabolism now.

I know I won’t remember every detail of the course forever, but that’s okay and would be impossible anyway. Before this semester I was like, “this is all so cool I want to remember it forever!” Then I took this course and was like lol that’s impossible. I don’t need to know how to draw the urea cycle to a T to be a good dietitian. During this program I’ve learned tons about digestion, absorption, and metabolism-things I’ll need to know wherever I end up and that I’ll keep learning about forever. Overall, I feel way more confident in nutrition myth-busting/explaining what actually goes on in the body, which is always useful. Continuing education will always be a part of my career, so I’m excited to seek out resources that relate to my interests and learn even more.

Other classes were MNT, a public health course, and a nutrition policy course. Last semester we had chronic disease MNT and this semester it was acute disease MNT. I feel more confident with my MNT skills now, but I haven’t actually practiced them. I know I’ll learn sooooo much more in clinical this summer. Our nutrition policy course is actually still ongoing, because we are going on a trip to DC in early January to attend seminars/meetings about current policy issues, health care, etc. Overall it was a challenging but interesting semester, and I’m happy to be onto the next.

What’s Next

After the DC trip, I’ll have one more semester of classes. I cannot believe this will be my last semester of class, ever! In May, classes will be over and I’ll start my clinical rotation. That goes until early August, and then we start our advanced placement! I already know my clinical placement, but we are just starting to plan for advanced, so I’m really excited to see how that pans out. Chip graduates in May, which is just crazy and so exciting! Longer term, we get married in October (woohoo!), I graduate in December, then will sit for the RD exam sometime early 2019. It’s going to be a whirlwind!

Throwback to Chip’s undergrad graduation in 2015

Cross your fingers for us that Chip gets a job in Charlotte, because the plan is to move there after next semester! He has been scouting out some options and will start looking more seriously in the next couple of months. Sarah Beth and Cody live in Charlotte now, and both of our families are just an hour west of there. My sister and I are super close, if ya didn’t notice, so I’m so excited to live near her. And Cody, of course! I can already see lots of double dates/nights in watching our dogs play in the future. One of my college besties and bridesmaids, Steph, lives there too and has since college, so I can’t wait to live in the same city again. 🙂

At their wedding-photo cred: Olivia Suriano @ Nancy Ray Photography

We always love visiting and think we will have a lot of fun starting married life in the city. Right now we both live in Durham, but not like in-the-middle-of-the-city-with-things-to-do, so it will be fun to live closer to restaurants, breweries, and just more things to do! Chip is obsessed with the Panthers and Hornets, so he has been #teamCharlotte for years. My clinical placement is within driving distance from Charlotte, so I’ll definitely be moving there in May. I’m hoping to find a great advanced placement nearby, too.

Although I’m so excited to be closer to family and explore a new city, it’s going to be so weird moving out. My roommate, Anna, and I have lived together for almost 4 years now. I’m going to miss her a lot! Good thing Charlotte isn’t too far. I know this next semester is going to fly by, and it’s so crazy I’ll be moving in just 5 months.

Whew, I think we are all caught up now! The next time I post a semester wrap-up I’ll be done with class foreverrrrr. I can’t wait. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I’ll see you back here next week!

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  1. Sybil | 21st Dec 17

    You are adorable and very helpful in choices to make…Aunt Sybil

    • Lindsay | 28th Dec 17

      Thanks Aunt Sybil! I’m sorry, I just saw your comment. I hope you had a great Christmas.

  2. Sybil | 21st Dec 17

    Thanks for your inspiration….

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