Grocery Haul, Dinners, and Why I Share What I Eat

Happy Saturday!

I made it through three days of my Maymester class- well, two half days and one whole day, close enough. Anyway, I haven’t done a grocery haul and dinner post in a while, so I wanted to this week! I also saw something on Instagram recently that made me question why I even share what I eat, so I’ll discuss that at the end.

Until this week, I hadn’t cooked dinner in a while. I was stressed with exams, my dog having a seizure, and I just didn’t want to! It happens. So I went with it and had take out, leftovers from the freezer, and cereal for dinner a few times. This week I felt ready to cook, but I didn’t really want to meal plan. I knew I wanted to make tacos, so I got stuff for that and then just stocked up on staples so I could throw something together other nights. Spoiler alert: this week’s dinners weren’t that exciting, but they were good.

What I Bought

This week’s groceries were about $55. I use the Cartwheel app every time I go to Target, and this time I had a coupon to use. $10 off groceries-score! The only thing I’ve bought outside of this all week was a coffee one day and Chick-fil-A for lunch on Friday. Chip bought most of the food for Monday’s dinner, but this covered all my meals other than that.

Dinners this Week

Sunday- turkey burgers, mac & cheese, asparagus

Grilling season is here and I am so excited. I have nothing against beef (see: tacos below) but I really don’t like cheeseburgers. It’s weird, because I like most other forms of red meat. So Chip made us turkey burgers and he gave me a hard time for being extremely boring. I literally just had a turkey patty and cheese, but that’s the way I like it! I did dip it in ranch dressing. He also grilled the asparagus and I was in charge of the hard task of making boxed mac and cheese. 🙂

Tuesday- taco Tuesday!

I love making tacos because they are so easy and delicious. Sometimes I use beef, other times I use turkey. They pretty much taste the same to me in tacos. This week, I had a coupon for a pound of ground beef, so that’s what I used. I sautéed onion, garlic, and beef with Trader Joe’s taco seasoning, then added a can of diced tomatoes. I had whole wheat tortillas already, so that’s what I used, but I prefer white flour or corn for tacos. They were still very good.

I also had tortilla chips, queso, and salsa. Chip was gone this day, but I had to break into his apartment to use his printer so I also stole his jar of queso.

Wednesday- burrito bowl

I turned my taco filling into a burrito bowl on Wednesday. I made some brown rice, stirred in the beef and tomatoes from Tuesday, and added some black beans. This was delicious but I was still hungry after, so I had chips/queso/salsa. Some days I’m hungrier than others, and this was one of those days. Rather than be like “dang, I shouldn’t still be hungry, I just had plenty of food!” I was like “Ok, I’m still hungry let’s get some more food.” Being kind to yourself > judging yourself.

Thursday- salad and pasta

I had a bunch of salad left over that I made earlier in the week for lunch, so I ate that. It had mixed greens, feta cheese, cucumber, broccoli, red pepper, carrots, bacon, and ranch that I added after the picture. I knew that wouldn’t fill me up (I need carbs!), so I made some pasta that I already had and added a jar of pasta sauce. Groundbreaking stuff, I know, but it was surprisingly good.

Friday- roasted broccoli and leftover pasta

Last night I had leftover pasta and roasted some broccoli. Like usual, I put frozen broccoli right into the oven at 400° F. After 15 minutes, I added some seasonings, then I put it back in for 15 more minutes. This meal was delicious but not super filling, and I ended up hungry about an hour later. So I had some ice cream and it was great.

Bonus Thoughts

I just searched for like 5 minutes and can’t even find the Instagram post that sparked this thought, but oh well. Basically I started thinking, “Why am I sharing what I eat if intuitive eating/my approach is all about everyone doing what feels best in their own body?” I’ve thought about this all week and have a few answers. I love food and think it’s important to highlight that food is meant to be enjoyed. Often times I see recipes on Instagram that are like “high protein muffin cake! only X grams of carbs and fat!” And there’s no mention of the taste. It’s like we water down food to numbers and manipulate it so we can try to manipulate our bodies.

I wasn’t surprised to hear that a recent study found Instagram use is linked to increased symptoms of orthorexia (source). That is a whole convo for another day, but basically orthorexia nervosa is an unhealthy obsession with eating “healthy” food. Some of the big “health” accounts that pop up in my explore feed make me cringe because I know the harm they can do to some people. Bottom line: I want to promote food peace, not food fear. I care about my health, and eating a variety of foods is key for me.

When I was starting to learn about intuitive eating it was so helpful to see what bloggers/people I follow who are into intuitive eating were eating. I’m not saying you should follow someone and copy what they eat-you gotta do you! But it was helpful to follow people who did not have food rules and were just kinda like, “Here’s something I ate and then I got on with my life.”

via Kylie

That really helped me see that no food is inherently good or bad, and all foods have a place in my life. I can go out for ice cream because I want it and not think twice about it. In contrast, I used to look up nutrition info first, feel guilty while I ate it, and regret it after. I had good intentions and just wanted to be “healthy,” but I took it too far. It felt restrictive and made me anxious about eating certain foods. I want to show that caring about your health and nourishing your body does not need to be that way. Food should bring joy and satisfaction. Also, caring about my health encompasses mental and emotional health, so there’s no room anymore for restriction or punishment!

Hopefully all of that made some sense. While I don’t feel like I need to justify my actions, I did want to discuss this question because it really made me think! If you made it this far-congrats, and have a great weekend. 🙂

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